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This website is a ‘composite’ of the work I’ve done during the past 30 years while living in Italy with yearly sojourns in the New York City  area, my place of origin…. But basically I’ve been working in Italy: first in Milan (1982) and then in Urbino (1982 – 1985) and back to the Milan area (1986 to present day 2012). My studio for the last 20 years has been in Osnago, in the area known as Brianza, which is a mix of town & country with rolling hills and valleys and a close proximity to the mountains and Lake Como.

I prefer to give as little commentary as possible and rather let the paintings speak for themselves – after all, painting is a language in itself that relates the tensions and accumulations in life over time through visual means, which come across to us on a 2 dimensional picture plane exploring form, light and color… I’m concerned with things that can only be expressed through these necessary means!

While you might say much of the past work is ‘abstract’, my basic source of inspiration has been landscape, along with interior (indoor) space and has (almost) always involved some kind of figuration. The more recent work is a return to the figure, as perhaps the work done beween 2003 – 2005 tended towards...

All the photography was done by myself. In a couple cases, I resorted to ‘photos of photos’ as I wanted to include certain paintings that were inaccessible to me as prime examples of a period (at times choices were difficult) which work would best represent what I was doing at the time – in fact there could have been many more photos but this risked being too exhausting, so for the time being, the photos of paintings I’ve included will have to do. All in all, a photo is a poor substitute for a painting, even if something of an image is better than nothing and I revel in the fact that many more people will have an idea of the work I’ve done over the past 30 years or so…

I’d like to thank Umberto Cavenago and Raymond Larrett for their help and encouragement in preparation of the site. All the photography was done by myself.

Chris Terzi, Milan, 12-12-12